zoom groups

Zoom Groups

An opportunity to connect with people online
Meet some of our Zoom Group leaders! Once you’ve decided which group you’d like to join, all you have to do is click on the email located under the picture and send them a quick note saying your interested! 
Pastor Dan Schmidt
Wed @ 7:00pm
Pastor Blake Anthony
Youth Sun @ 7:00pm
Kids Fri @ 6:00pm
Pastor Lorna Almeida 
Thur @ 9:30am
Tracy Byrnes
Sun @ 9:30am
Mike Grasso
Thurs @ 7:00am
Greg Gelder
Greg Gelder
Mon @ 6:30pm
Steve and Mona Doyon
Thurs @ 6:00pm
Pastor Lorna Almeida
Membership Class
Thurs @ 1:00pm & 7:00pm
justin and jamie
Pastor Justin DeMartino
Sun @ 9:30am
Worship Team