our mission





Life Transforming Faith

As a church we have an unwavering commitment to teach people the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus. Once this relationship is established and growing it will impact every other area of a person’s life. Having a personal relationship with Jesus and a strong understanding of the Word of God produces life transforming faith.

Romans 12:2 



Unified Church Family

In a world where people are growing more distant from one other, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to create an atmosphere where individuals and families can grow together. This being said, we continue to create numerous avenues for people to know Jesus and each other better through worship, discipleship, fellowship and ministry opportunities.

Ephesians 4:11-13 


Produce a Future Harvest

We are committed to share the Gospel in our community and throughout the world. Our goal is to ensure that children and adults alike will have a place to learn and grow in their relationship with God for generations to come.

Matthew 28:18-20